Consumers can enjoy the fresh, delicious tastes of Fisher Snack Nuts on the go with convenient single serve packs. Or for those in search of authentic flavors, exciting variety and adventurous snacking experiences, Fisher Trail Mixes are the right snack mix. They push the boundaries of taste expectations.

More insights into key Fisher products:

  • Fisher Trail Mixes are an exciting, satisfying and truly delicious snack. New varieties include Fisher Trail Mixes Sweet Nut Mix, Fisher Trail Mixes Tropical Mix, Fisher Trail Mixes Summit Mix, Fisher Trail Mixes Energy Mix and Fisher Trail Mixes Cheddar Mix.
  • Single serve packs make snacking even easier. Fisher offers 13 varieties of our fun snacks in convenient single serve packs. Varieties include roasted/salted peanuts, hot/spicy peanuts, Cajun salsa peanuts, roasted/salted almonds, energy blend and more!
  • From traditional salted nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds and mixed nuts to new flavors such as praline pecans and orange ginger almonds, our nuts are packed with flavor and crunch. Consumers can also crack open the freshness with our new clear can.

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