Amplify Snack Brands is a growing family of brands dedicated to sharing our simple, tastier idea of what good snacks should be. At Skinny Pop, it starts with a popcorn kernel, sunflower oil, and just the right amount of salt. At Paqui, it’s all about freshly cooked, stone ground corn for an exceptional tortilla chip. Amplify Snack Brands are made with the fewest, cleanest, and simplest ingredients possible to craft the best tasting products.

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Skinny Pop Popcorn

Skinny Pop Original
12ct/1oz bag | Item #1014088
Skinny Pop White Cheddar
12ct/1oz bag | Item #1014435
Skinny Pop Pepper Jack
12ct/1oz bag | Item #1010651

Paqui Tortilla Chips

Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper
6ct/2oz bag | Item #2012567
Paqui Fiery Chile Limon
6ct/2oz bag | Item #6001680
Paqui Cool Salsa Verde
6ct/2oz bag | Item #2012505

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