It was in 1969 that Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. first opened for business in New York City. To introduce the Ferrero story in the vast and unique U.S. market, Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. chose as its lead product, not the enormous Nutella® brand or one of the hugely successful Ferrero chocolates, but rather the smallest Ferrero wonder of all - Tic Tac® mints!

Shortly after its introduction, the signature Tic Tac® mints "Tree" display was appearing at U.S. checkouts everywhere and America was singing along with Ferrero's catchy: "Put a Tic Tac® in your mouth and get a BANG out of life!"

Repositioned in 1980 as "The 1 1/2 Calorie Breath Mint®," Tic Tac® has grown continuously, and today enjoys the position of #1 selling breath mint in the U.S. SAVE NOW

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