A crash course in financial management. This course provides everything you need to know when it comes to the financial side of the business, such as how to manage cash flow successfully and how to create a formal business profit plan to map out your success.

You’ll learn to maximize your profitability by:

  • Finding and fixing financial red flags
  • Using profit-driving business formulas and calculations
  • Managing cash flow for long-term success 
We provide the tools and resources for you to master this subject. Attend and you will become a more effective financial leader for your business.

Seminar Outline: Financial Management

Accounting methods

  • How to differentiate between accrual-based and cash-based accounting
  • Understanding which accounting method is best for your store
  • Define basic accounting terms
  • Apply fundamentals to your personal cash situation 
Fundamental financials
  • Analyze a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
  • Apply current and quick ratios
  • Identify a “dashboard” of financial indicators 

Building an overall financial picture

  • Identifying financial red flags before it is too late
  • Examine trends and issues in year-to-year balance sheet comparisons
  • How to use formulas to help your business become more profitable
  • Create a business profitability plan to manage margins and profit
  • Analyze your business and plan for future success 

"Combine that with the in-depth learning you’ll gain you begin to understand how one day is worth more than you think."