January Marketplace Pick

Gatorade Recover Protein Shakes

Gatorade Recover Protein Shakes increase Protein Category sales by bringing in new buyers instead of just shifting them from brand to brand. The shakes taste great— roughly half of all consumers who try it, buy it again(1), and 82% of buyers make it their only protein shake(2).

 FREE Suction Cup Merchandiser available to buying group members.
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Push your sales further

As members of the Protein Category, they’re part of a vital market that’s been growing rapidly over the past five years with no signs of stopping(3). Protein Category buyers make 172 store visits annually versus average buyers’ 158 visits; purchase 10 items per visit versus average buyers’ 9.5 items; and spend $4,307 throughout the year versus average buyers’ $3,750!(4)

Order your FREE display

FREE Suction Cup Merchandiser available to buying group members. Move more product with our proven planograms for the Protein section of your cooler.

FREE display attaches easily with suction cups behind the cooler door, to make the most out of every valuable inch of cooler space.

Please submit one form per location.

Fax to 877.844.5447 by 1/10/2014 or scan & email to Schmith@cbuying.com by 1/10/2014.

1Shopper Card data for a regional C&G retailer
2Shopper Card data from a national grocery retailers data ending June 2013
3IRI EA, MULO+C, 2009-2012, 2013F based on YTD% Chg vs YA
4 IRI Panel All Outlet 52 wks ending 7/14/13