Unleash the full power of your operation. As stores grow, expand and try new approaches, it is vital to take time to step back and see the bigger picture. You’ll see your business in a whole new light when you return from this comprehensive seminar.

In just one intensive day you’ll learn:

  • Critical information on increasing your profitability
  • The essentials of growing your core customer
  • How to increase sales through effective merchandising practices 

You will build a greater connection to your store by attending this session. Our high-energy instructors are known for inspiring retailers to new heights. Join them and discover just how high you can soar.

Seminar Outline: How to Grow Your Business

Increasing profitability

  • Ways to improve relationships with suppliers
  • How gross margin % and gross margin $ impact your bottom line profit (and learn how to calculate them)
  • Insights you can gain from invoices
  • Understand how smart pricing adds to bottom line profit
  • Categorize store items against your pricing strategy
  • Tap into velocity reports to help plan for profitability
  • Apply a category matrix to Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) decisions
  • Product bundling techniques that drive sales and profits 

Customer insight

  • Identify your core customer
  • Unearth the top 4 things they want from you
  • Create a plan to be the best at what you do 

Merchandising practices

  • Discover how good merchandising impacts your store’s sales and profits
  • Analyze your efforts as it relates to peak traffic flow patterns
  • Learn to optimize your power aisles and prime selling space
  • Techniques to create powerful merchandising
  • Differentiate between good and bad signage
  • Customize your own promotions calendar 

"One of the biggest benefits of attending starts to become clear once you arrive. Sitting next to your peers, talking to people who are doing exactly what you are doing day in and day out. Hearing other’s strategies and ideas will prompt some fresh ideas of your own."