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Foodservice: pre-packaged sandwiches / Equipment: cooler, roller grill and racks

Landshire, Inc. has been the preferred foodservice provider for over 50 years with pre-packaged sandwiches, hot breakfast foods, pastry products, and roller grill programs.  Our new state of the art production facility and bakery allows Landshire to provide customers with the best overall quality and consistency available in the market today.

Landshire programs include a Cooler Program, Breakfast Program, Pastry Program, Roller Grill Program and introducing a new product line: First Street Café.

This innovative sandwich line has the product appeal of a café sandwich yet can be found at a nearby convenience store. The First Street Café line of sandwiches are visually appealing, made with artisan baguettes and multi-grain fresh breads, premium sliced meats, salads, and natural cheeses all layered by hand and then wrapped in a clear deli film for a “just made” look and taste

We use fresh-baked bread, wholesome lean meats, and quality ingredients to create products that are unbelievably fresh and totally convenient for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Product lineup includes:

  • Cold Sandwiches such as the Jumbo Ham & Cheese
  • Hot Sandwiches such as the Charbroil Cheese burge
  • Healthy Choices such as the turkey and provolone gourmet fresh wedge sandwich
  • Grill Items such as beef franks and Don Miguel Taquitos
  • Breakfast Items such as our sausage, egg and cheese biscuit
  • Pastries such as the Jumbo Glazed Honey Bun and blueberry muffin
  • Box Lunches which include a sandwich wedge, chips and dessert treat

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