Oberto Clip Strips

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Meat snacks are the SECOND LARGEST c-store snack category. And they’re a major impulse purchase—OVER 60% OF JERKY SALES ARE UNPLANNED.

Save money now on the brand that’s the winner in blind taste tests: Oberto!*

Order now from your wholesaler and get a $7.50 rebate from your buying group.**

Item# Description Approximate Unit Cost SRP
1231 2/6 ct. Original 3.25 oz. Beef Jerky $3.33 $6.99
1233 2/6 ct. Teriyaki 3.25 oz. Beef Jerky $3.33 $6.99
1250 2/6 ct. Bacon 2.5 oz. Pork Jerky $3.33 $6.99

**Purchase Oberto products from a buying group-approved wholesaler so your purchases can be tracked for the rebate.
*Source: National Food Laboratories Product Test, August 2010.