Introducing Oberto Shipper #8650

Contact your buying-group approved wholesaler to order Oberto's
 new shipper and you'll receive a $15 rebate from C Square!

Oberto may have a new look, but one thing has not changed: consistently high margins. Oberto's new packaging reminds customers their jerky is made in the USA, high in protein and all natural; perfect for active on-the-go customers.

Oberto will provide your store with:
  • Custom themed shipper header that is sure to catch the attention of your customers!
  • The chance to enter into the "Snowboard with a Pro" Sweepstakes
  • Custom Dangler
  • & Did we mention the $15 rebate?

Contact your Buying-Group Approved Wholesaler today for your rebate to be tracked! 

Need assistance? Give us a call. Member Services Representative Beatrice Schmith is here to answer all your questions: 888.380.7283x127.

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