Retail Management: Operating for Success Seminar

Ever think to yourself: Maybe things will get better? They can! But only if you have both the tools and knowledge to make that happen. We all have room for improvement when it comes to our business. Discover your operations’ weak spots—and learn to correct them—in this well rounded, best-practice-focused seminar.

Learn real-world “dos and don’ts” that directly impact your profits:

  • Don’t make hiring mistakes: follow our sure-fire hiring and retention steps
  • Don’t lose money through shrink: learn the proper steps to prevent employee and vendor theft
  • Do improve your customer service: three techniques that can make it happen
  • Do know business and financial essentials: become a master at inventory and cash control functions

Maximize your potential for increasing gross profit while watching expenses. This session details how to do that successfully—even more important given today’s still slumping economy.

"We know you’ll be inspired by our seminar trainers, but we also know you’ll gain some unexpected inspiration."