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There’s no better selection of ice cream brands to satisfy you customers. When you’ve got a freezer case filled with our brands, there’s something for all your customers and something very important for you: sales you can count on! So stock up now and get your share. Brands include Good Humor, Magnum, Klondike, Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, Popsicle and Starbucks Coffee.

Best Brands in the US



  • #1 Ice Cream Brand in the World
  • Super Premium Ice Cream with Imported Belgium Chocolate Coating

Good Humor

  • #1 Frozen Novelty Brand in C-stores
  • Great Treat For the Whole Family


  • #1 Cream Based Frozen Novelty
  • Self Indulgent Treat


  • #1 Kids Frozen Novelty Brand
  • Fun for Kids, Mom Approved


  • #1 Frozen Novelty launch for Unilever in 2013
  • BURSTING with REAL FRUIT you can SEE and TASTE

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