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Detour delivers to your health-conscious consumers the nutritional advantages of whey protein with the appeal of a candy bar. Provide your customers with a great on-the-go alternative. Ask your wholesaler for availability of the small foot print 2-tier counter unit displays.

We package the amazing nutritional advantages of whey protein with the universal taste appeal of a candy bar. Whether you’re a runner, you’re focused on yoga, or you’re into cycling, we’ve got a mouth-watering, purposeful snack just for you.



Whey protein is at the core of our award winning high protein bars. Whey is the best source of protein for your body because it is a complete source of essential building blocks your body needs to build and maintain lean strong muscle. 

Product highlights:

  • Detour Lean Muscle bar leads the industry in a bold new direction. It combines our award-winning protein heritage with the emerging benefits of essential nutrients like omega-3s. This is the next generation protein bar.
  • The Original Detour bar is America’s #1 whey protein bar. It offers a complete source of essential proteins with an award-winning candy bar taste.
  • The Yoga Bar promotes inner balance and focus. It includes 100% of the effective daily level of Lemon Balm for improved calmness. It also supports activities like martial arts and pilates.


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