Robbery! Are You at Risk?

Did you know that c-store robberies are on the rise?

The latest FBI report shows that there was a 6.7% increase of robberies over 2016. C-store robberies totaled 17,401 in 2016, the most recent data available; the number of gas or service station robberies totaled 8,178—up 2.1% from 2015.

Operators should consider how well their staff is prepared for these kinds of incidents. Shelly Davy, store manager at PBS Party Store, says she’s not overly concerned about crime in the Cadillac, MI area where the store resides. Still, the eMpowered Buying with Marathon group member keeps a constant watch on customers inside the store, and has surveillance cameras.

Here are some key crime-prevention strategies that Shelly Davy employs at her store. Check these tips out for yours!

  • Use security cameras inside and outside your store to prevent crime. “Customers know the cameras are there,” Davy says. “It helps provide a sense of security and serves as a crime deterrent.” Research shows video cameras send a clear message to would-be robbers that they are being watched.
  • Let employees know what to do when a questionable situation arises. For example, when PBS Party Store’s liquor and beer aisles become crowded, employees alert their co-workers, and reinforcements come to help monitor the situation. “Training employees to keep an eye on that area is critical,” Davy says.
  • Inform employees on how to react if a burglary or robbery does occur. In a burglary situation, where the intent is to commit a crime, employees should lock all doors, not allow customers inside, and call the police. The general guideline for a robbery situation, which infers both theft and a form of violence, involves complying with demands first, then calling 911 when it’s safe.
Learn more about preventing robbery at your c-store—check out myCsquare’s Tip Videos!

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