Small Ideas, Big Difference

Sometimes, the tiniest changes can make a huge impact.

At Bonde’s Quik Mart—a Citgo Buying Member in Cleveland, WI—the store’s merchandising team meets every three to four weeks specifically to come up with tiny tweaks and new ideas…so check out what’s working for them!

  • Low price points on grocery
    With no major grocery store close-by, keeping key grocery items at prices consistent with what someone would pay at a grocery store has won customers over. “We don’t price everything like that,” says owner Karen Hennings, “but most of what we offer in grocery-type products are not nearly what you’d pay at a typical c-store.”
  • Creative deli/bakery items
    The store is always adding to its deli/bakery offering, and much of it is made in-house! Most recently, Quik Mart customers have been raving about the latest tasty creations: homemade deviled eggs, and peanut squares—yummy frosted cake squares dipped in ground peanuts. “We’re also looking at adding something on the healthy side,” says Hennings. The team is working on creating its own protein ball, which will likely connect with customers making New Year’s resolutions.
  • Offering employees a simple IRA
    Even small operators can offer retirement benefits. Bonde's Quik Mart added a program where any employee that earns a minimum of $5,000 a year, and works at the store for two years, is eligible to participate in the company’s IRA program. Roughly 10 employees of the store’s 20-member team participate.
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