Carry the right mix of SKUs, grow sales, and make sure you qualify for your rebates!

Walk through your c-store and check your shelves.

Missing something?

You may not be carrying the exact mix of hot-selling SKUs you need to get all the rebates you qualify for. And sometimes…that means you’re only one or two SKUs away!

With ReCheck, you can instantly review your shelves to make sure you’re stocking the right combination of SKUs.

Sell more and get the rebates you deserve!

What’s ReCheck?
ReCheck is a FREE and EASY way to review the SKUs you stock on your shelves so you can maximize sales and the amount of rebates you qualify for.

How does ReCheck work?
Grab your tablet or smartphone, open ReCheck, select a rebate program, and walk through your c-store to review the items you carry. Check off the SKUs you have, and ReCheck automatically shows you the exact SKUs you’re missing to get your next rebate!

Why ReCheck?
Quick turns and rebates add up fast—which means more money in your pocket. And ReCheck is FREE and EASY to use!

Questions? Contact your member services representative at 630-455-0175 SAVE NOW

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