Chocolaty. Spicy. Sour. Smokey.

When customers reach for a snack on your shelves, make sure you have all of their new favorite flavors!
Premier Protein Creamy Layered Bar—20g Chocolate Peanut Butter
Consumers crave the mouthwatering layers of rich chocolate peanut butter flavor that’s great on the go, as an afternoon snack, or post-workout!
Box UPC 6-43843-71706-5 | 10-ct.
Premier Protein Creamy Layered Bar—20g Chocolate Brownie
On-the-go convenience meets layers of scrumptious chocolate brownie flavor in a bar. These bars are a hit with 20g protein, 1g sugar, and it’s gluten free!
Box UPC 6-43843-71708-9 | 10-ct.
Sour Punch Spicy Bites—Hanging Bag
Mouthwatering SOUR PUNCH Bites® now in Spicy flavors: Mango, Pineapple, Cantaloupe & Watermelon. Stash some in a secret hiding place for a much-needed midday mood boost.
5 oz. | Item #18536 | 12-ct. box
Smoke Stack Ham Stick & Cheddar Cheese
Packed with protein and conveniently packaged, hunger is simply no match for the signature combination of hardwood-smoked ham and Wisconsin sharp cheddar.
2.5 oz. | Caddy UPC 0-73170-73212-5 | 18-ct.


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