Payment Alliance International (PAI) ATM Program Benefits:
ATMs continue to generate reliable, steady revenue for independent operators. As the largest non-bank operator with more than 60,000 machines across the country, PAI offers unparalleled expertise, service and support.

As a buying group member and new PAI customer, you'll receive a full range of ATM Machine Programs and Services. From planning and installation to reporting and up-time, PAI makes starting and running a profitable ATM network simple.

  • As a Master Distributor for all major brands of ATM machines, PAI offers buying group members the best ATM equipment and products at discounted prices.
  • As an ISO award-winning processor, PAI provides secure, affordable processing that puts more money in your hands.
  • PAI provides a simple, secure web-based real-time 24/7 reporting tool, PAIReports, so you can track the profitability of your ATMs from anywhere, at any time.

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