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Employee theft accounts for 75% of inventory shrinkage, but Specialized Inventory Service (SIS) can help. It counts and categorizes your store’s physical inventory to deter employee theft and help you detect shortage patterns as they happen, before ongoing employee theft causes significant loss. So your store can enjoy increased profits...

Specialized Inventory Service (SIS) counts and categorizes your store’s physical inventory.


Fact: Employee theft and shoplifting combined account for the largest source of property crime committed annually in the U.S. Periodic inventories intimidate employees, resulting in less theft.

What you can do: Inventories detect shortage patterns, when they are not performed on a regular basis, the guilty individual is usually gone before the shortage is found.

Bottom line:Money spent to protect company assets will in turn show increased profits. Let us help you improve your bottom line!

Where inventory shrinkage starts:

  • Employee theft: 70-75%. That results in a financial loss of $1,023.00 per dishonest employee.
  • Vendor fraud: 10-15%
  • Shoplifting: 5%. That results in a financial loss of $128.00 per customer.
  • Administrative error: 5%

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