At Whirley-DrinkWorks! we are committed to creating compelling food and beverage products that will delight your customers and fuel your profits! We can provide a variety of branded insulated mugs and carmugs for your business. We can have the products you need for strong refill promotion covering both coffee and fountain drink applications.

 Turn-key program (Mugs are all shrink wrapped)

Marathon Carmugs:

  • 16 oz. Foam Insulated Carmug
  • 20 oz. Foam Insulated Mighty Mug
  • 32 oz. Foam Insulated Carmug
  • 32 oz. Foam Insulated (Wide Bottom) Mug
  • 64 oz. Foam Insulated Mug
  • 100 oz. Foam Insulated Mug
  • 5 Shelf Floor Display
  • Step Counter Rack
  • Dangler/Counter Card

Folgers Carmugs:

  • 20 oz Foam Insulated Carmug
  • Step Counter Rack
  • Dangler/Counter Card

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