Boost Energy Booster Sales!

The energy shot market is growing again, which means it’s definitely a category that c-store owners should watch.

According to NACS, the segment makes up the largest percentage of health and beauty care sales at c-stores, and new data shows that energy shot sales increased in 2016—reaching almost $1.18 billion, up from $1.15 billion in 2015.

C-store operators should take note of which brands are specifically selling in their stores. A C-Buying group member, Jim Lake, says at his Old Orchard Service c-store in Skokie, IL, the most consistent energy shot sellers are well-known brands such as 5-hour ENERGY®. And he’s finding that people identify better with the segment via tried-and-true brands.

“The newer energy boosters are not really selling…even when they’re stocked on the front counter,” Lake says.

While Lake’s core customers keep reaching for the familiar brands, manufacturers are looking to boost segment sales with new twists to the category. Two of the latest trends include energy shots with protein or extended-release varieties.

So if you’re looking to kick your energy booster sales into high gear, check out these tips!

Promote, promote, promote. Tie-ins with gas promotions, front-end placement, and 2-for-$4 sales all directly correlate to higher sales, says Steve Ehrman, director of sales for LXR Biotech, maker of 10™, a newer energy shot.

“Raising consumer awareness that the product is out there is critical,” states Ehrman. “People go in and out of c-stores really fast. You have to catch their eye quickly.”

Watch for new flavors. To keep the brand fresh, 5-hour ENERGY® launches a new flavor every November, with the most recent being Extra-Strength Blue Raspberry. To introduce the new flavor, the company launched a “Refresh Your Rack” campaign to not only encourage retailers to buy it, but to take advantage of a 9- and 12-box rack combo promotion at the same time.

For more ideas on how to boost sales at your front counter, check out myCsquare’s Retail Video Tips!
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