Fall Back! Time to Stock Winter Items

Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner. Is your c-store ready for longer nights and colder weather?

“We always stock the standard stuff for winter,” says Doug Krachey, owner of Krachey’s BP in Prairie du Chien, WI, a C-Buying member. “Things like sidewalk salt, additives, and snow brushes.”

And while setting up your seasonal stock, consider how winter products can turn into impulse buys. A study by CreditCards.com revealed that 84% of consumers make impulse buys.

This year, there are two, “trend-forward” seasonal items you should be stocking: “tech gloves” (winter gloves that can be used with smartphone touch-screens) and long-wrapped scarves.

Retail experts also advise not to overlook quirky items. Putting some surprises on the front counter—such as seasonal candy, colorful key chains, or decorative smartphone cases—creates a fun environment.

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