Election Year Sales: Is Your C-Store Affected?

Everyone’s talking about the upcoming election. And with November 8 drawing near, you should be aware of how your c-store sales can be affected.

Historically, election cycles affect retail sales—no matter who wins the presidency.

“Traditionally, consumer sentiment—and spending—decreases in the weeks before an election before rebounding,” says Jeff Lenard, National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Vice President of Strategic Industry Initiatives.

According to an NACS survey of retailers released October 4, the upcoming election was most cited as a factor that would affect sales in the fourth quarter.

Of course, the results matter too. The largest concern retailers expressed about election results was how legislation and regulation could impact their business.

But while everyone waits out the results, consider having a little election fun at your c-store.

7-Eleven, for example, runs a promotion during election years in which customers can pick a coffee cup that features their preferred candidate. According to the c-store giant, “since 2000, the votes cast by coffee drinkers choosing their preferred party cup mirrored real voting.”

A simple variation on that idea? Right before Halloween, kickoff a “Who’s Scarier for President?” contest. Place two, “Leave-A-Penny” jars on your front counter, each featuring a picture of the candidates. Then, at the end of the week, post the “scariest” winner!

For more ideas on how to boost sales at your front counter, check out MyCsquare’s Retail Video Tips!
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