Up Your Foodservice Game

When it comes to offering foodservice, c-stores have come a long way, but consumer perception is still a little shaky. The good news is that younger customers tend to be more accepting of purchasing food at a gas station, a point confirmed at a panel discussion at the National Restaurant Association Show in May.

Terri Smith, an eMpowered Buying with Marathon member, has proof that customers are okay with foodservice at Bo’s Village Peddler in Millington, MI. They serve a lot of pizza and Subway sandwiches!

“There is a certain perception of food at a gas station, but the way a store sets up its foodservice area is key,” she says.

The best way to up your foodservice game is to keep the store clean and pristine.

“It’s constant,” says Smith. “Keep up with store cleanliness. Our staff works hard to maintain high standards, and the ongoing effort pays off.”

Nick Schafer, corporate accounts manager for UniFirst, says he continues to see more c-stores move toward a foodservice model. And with that increased attention to food comes the need for an increased attention to cleanliness.

“It becomes more important to look clean and professional inside the store with that increased focus on food,” he says.

Schafer believes there is a direct correlation between how clean a store is inside, particularly restrooms, and the willingness of customers to view the site as a safe and reputable place to purchase food.

“We take one piece of an operator’s job off their plate,” by providing them the uniform and facility services they need, says Schafer, “which allows them to focus efforts elsewhere.”

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