Impulse Items You Need NOW

They’re small, they’re handy, and if you’re smart, your c-store always has them at the front counter. They’re impulse items…and customers can’t resist them.

A recent CreditCards.com survey reveals that 79% of consumers make an impulse purchase in a store, so keeping your front counter stocked with key items is crucial for your business.

“The front counter is a prime spot,” says Denise Evans—an eMpowered Buying with Marathon member. Evans says she changes up her counter frequently at CJ’s Stop N Go in Noblesville, IN. “We try and make it different all the time…even if it’s simply rotating different kinds of candy. It makes a difference!”

Top-selling impulse buys include in-demand, grab-and-go products such as lighters and seasonal products as well as specialty items. In addition to the tried-and-true merchandise, there are many high-margin product trends to consider.

“Anything technology-related makes for great counter items,” says Pam Romeli, VP, retail division for Consolidated Buying Company. “Ear buds, smartphone cables, and chargers meet the immediate needs of on-the-go-consumers. Retailers will ring up higher sales with greater margin.”

In fact, according to the NACS State of the Industry Report, the General Merchandise category overall was a clear leader in sales for last year. It reported a 23.4% change from year ago for the category, resulting in a gross profit increase of 14.6%.

Your customers love impulse buys, so don’t leave them empty-handed. Stock up on these front counter items and boost your sales!

For specific high-margin sales counter items, visit myCsquare’s Products page.
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